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My Debut Novel

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Posted 24 June 2020 - 01:42 AM

The Quantum God is available to buy on Kindle:
The Quantum God is the story of a man's attempt to make sense of the world and universe around him. Being neurodivergent he is blessed with the skills to help him in his quest but some deficiencies that make it harder. A former teacher describes him as a big, powerful bird who is carrying a heavy weight and sometimes his wings overcome the weight and at other times the weight dominates the wings.
He makes a major life decision at the age of 19 that has consequences that are far-reaching. A major theme of the Quantum God is how a minor change can completely change not just the life of a single person but the whole of humanity. This is known by some people as the "butterfly" effect. That particular theme is based on the concept of my own life where I made the opposite decision that Paul did and I speculate on what might have happened if I had chosen otherwise.
Paul's life, even after this major event has many parallels to my own. Like me, Paul is a writer. Like me, he is also very curious about how the universe works and it is a major life goal for him to "crack it". By a stroke of luck (or is it merely a random factor that has a fortunate outcome?), Paul has help from a paranormal source, unlike myself.
Naturally, luck, karma and the possible influence of some sort of god are major themes. Paul's concept of the Quantum God is a god who is everywhere and everywhen and operates at the minute sub-atomic level. He also questions the difference between people who are merely biologically human and those who are human in a spiritual sense.
Paul is made aware how different possible futures appear and makes major life decisions to pursue the paths he needs to follow. He discovers that he plays a very small but vital role in a project that ultimately saves the human race, but for how much longer?
Parental Guidance: This book contains sexual content and bad language. I would not recommend it to anyone under the legal age of consent for wherever you live.


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