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Spoof a Message on the Moon

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Posted 02 June 2015 - 07:08 AM

Hi All! I am new to this forum and relatively new to astronomy. I've been looking and dreaming of the stars for my entire life, but only recently been getting more serious about my fascination. Additionally, for transparency sake, I am also getting more serious in my relationship and am hoping to propose to my girlfriend in a very special way. From the start of our relationship we have been using the saying "to the moon" to demonstrate the lengths we would both go to for each other. This sentiment has ensured the two of us are always looking up at the stars, breaking out the telescope every chance we can get, tracking satellites and shooting stars, and always dreaming of the moon. Which is where my bright idea comes in... I would love more than anything to "put" a message on the moon asking her to marry me. Well not actually on the moon, but on the telescope when looking at it :-) This is where all of your expertise can come in handy!


I currently have a Meade ETX-90 using SkiFi and Sky Safari Pro to control the telescope, which should help keep the moon in frame when using a higher zoom. However, I am unsure how or where I could put the message to make it visible in the foreground when viewing the moon. Some of the options I have considered were using a transparency on the corrector lens with "Marry Me?" printed on it or getting a laser etched message on an eyepiece lens. I have little faith that a simple transparency would work, although obviously that would be easiest, and am hoping there is someone else out there who is a dreamer like me who can help. 


Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for reading my story, and even more so if you can help me make this dream a reality. I've always promised her the moon.... Now is my chance to truly give it to her.

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 03:56 PM

Hi Manningr, 


A neat idea but tricky to actually do, since the scope can't focus on anything close (you literally see right through it) when focused at infinity for the Moon. Same reason you can hold your hand in front of the scope and not see your fingers in focus, or for that matter why we don't see the secondary in focus when looking at Jupiter. 


I believe you are correct in thinking the way to do it would be to etch an eyepiece. The lettering would need to be at the field stop/focal plane of the eyepiece I believe, in the same way the illuminated reticle eyepieces have focused grids used for guiding. Tricky!


Now the simple way would be to focus on a custom printed piece of paper say a football field away with your message on it. Not the same as on the Moon, but still a good surprise??



Best Wishes!  


John Piper

Customer Service Manager

Meade Instruments Corp. 

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 04:01 PM

Hello, and welcome to the forum!  As a followup to what John said, you might try making a large print of the Moon and put the lettering you want on it.  Then put the scope on that.


You might also try making a piece of transparency material with the message printed on it very small, cutting it to shape, and laying it in on top of the inside lens of an eyepiece.  With the scope pointed straight up, it would allow you to look at it and see of the printing would show up good enough.


Good luck and best wishes!


Bill Steen

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Bill Steen, Sky Hunters' Haven Observatory, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

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