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ACF LS 6" Partial Review and FIRSTLIGHT

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Posted 08 September 2013 - 10:52 AM

Hey all..... After ten days of fussing with cables, preparing the site, configuring the Sky Wifi, I finally had a dark sky to run my LS through the paces. First off the bat, alignment went flawlessly - as a matter of fact, all three evenings have been within the range of perfect. Being used to my classic LX200, I was happy if I had a centered star within the bounds of a Panoptic 35mm. Well.... now my stars are smack in the center. But I ahead of the story. My first evening was not cloudless. The computer started with a search for Arcturus, hidden by clouds. Off it went to find Altair, which was in mist, but it found it anyway. Then it went for Deneb (not that far away in my opinion), which it found and declared a successful alignment.

So I went first for Andromeda M31. Wow! Structure within the star lanes was visable, and the contrast was strong. I had clear views out to the edges, and I figured that I was seeing the advances of the ACF concept. It was a better view compared to my classic, even considering my new aperature of 6", and my old one of 10". Perhaps wishful and hopeful thinking, but I was not disappointed AT ALL!!

Arcturus was clear, so I went cruising and found it dead centered, then off to M81 and M82. I was struck too with the motor noise. I am in rural Vermont, off on a small road, but still within 100 feet of my neighbors open bedroom window. There is no way that the motors could have disturbed anyone in the house, or even outside. No coffee grinder noise that I could discern.

AND.... then comes my thoughts about the use of thechnology. I ordered the external monitor, even though I had possible doubts of needing movie screens to learn in the peace and quiet of a dark sky night! But I am a teacher of over 25 years, and I thought that I might use it occasionally with visitors. Well, I am totally won over by this new addition. I did the informational media "thing" on Arcturus. Well, I myself have taught "arc to Arcturus, speed on to Spica" hundreds of times. But I did NOT know that Arcturus derives from the Greek, with origins meaning "guardian to the bears." Well, seeing its proximity to Ursa Major and Minor, gives new insight to the words and its name. I love this trivia!! Thank you Meade.

Well, I saw that my scope was built in April, 2013, and so I may be lucky that this is one of the newest versions, with all of the kinks worked out. But I hope that this represents a new height of Meade`s tech and mechanical prowess. I am thrilled to own this scope, have no regrets for one second on this purchase, and look forward to many years of use..... and especially sharing my experiences with others.

Clear skies to one and all,

Jim in Vermont

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